Southeast Alaska Sketches

Creating these artworks connected me to the wild areas in Southeast Alaska where I sketched. I plan to share them through notecards and at art shows. I hope they bring you inspiration too!

From Shelikof Beach Cabin, Kruzhof Island
IMG_0004 (2)
On Starrigavan Beach, Baranof Island
Misty Evening, Totem Park, Sitka
IMG_0009 (2)
Anan Bay, Southeast Alaska
Mt Edgecumbe from Gavan Hill
IMG_0002 (2)

Spreading the Art Works

The chilly days and long nights of winter provide time for reflection on the exuberance of summer. After an amazing season of outdoor adventures, a contemplative mood brought on by falling snowflakes and cloudy skies allowed me time to collect my memories. Through my sketches I could relive those magical moments in the remote backcountry. So I gathered my artwork and literally packaged the pieces in the form of notecards. I hoped to share my inspiration with others and promote earthwise awareness.


My earthwise approach to production of the cards included working with a local Basalt print shop for proofs and final production of the cards, using recycled paper and envelopes, and laying out the cards to maximize the printable area with no waste. I was careful to avoid the use of plastic for packaging. Instead, the card sets were attractively tied with natural twine or raffia.

The holiday season provided a great opportunity to participate in community events and share my work. My first public opportunity was when “High Alpine Falls” sketched in pencil and pastel, was selected to be shown in the Wyly Community Art Center Open, a celebration of local artists held during December in Basalt.


Next, the Wyly Artisans Market presented a friendly venue to display and sell my arty notecards. The first night was a whirl of activity as kids ran about creating holiday ornaments while adults mingled and chatted. Saturday and Sunday were more peaceful, providing opportunities to chat with visitors to the market and other artisans.


The notecards were grouped in three themes: Colorado Mountains ’14; Southeast Utah Desert; and the Grand Canyon. I created a set of notecards for each theme that included four designs. The sets included eight cards featuring two copies of each design.

Mountain Set Key 1

Aspen Music Festival and School – Landscape Architecture and Planning

Today was the Aspen Music Festival and School’s official opening celebration for the Lower School Building on the Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus located off Castle Creek Road in Aspen. I served as the landscape architect and site planner for the project when I worked at Design Workshop. After almost 10 years of visioning, designing, obtaining approvals and preparing construction documentation, the first phase of the campus was built in 2013. The new buildings, circulation and plantings have transformed the campus and have already been recognized with awards, but more importantly, the new campus has instilled a sense of pride in occupants and visitors to the campus, and created wonderful spaces for music-making.

These are a few summer landscape images that I captured today.

Details of dryland grasses and riparian wildflowers

IMG_2830 - Copy

Views of Practice Rooms and of Lower School area from roof garden(above)
Architect Harry Teague in front of the Lower School building that he designed(below)