Welcome! My name is Suzanne Jackson. Professionally, I’m a landscape architect and land planner; I’m a mom of two wonderful young adults; and I’m delving deeper into the symbiotic relationship between people and nature by living, exploring and creating outdoors. Over the last two years, I completed landscape architecture projects through my business, 40BWORKS, and I served as a Landscape Architect on the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska. During my time over the waters, and in the temperate rainforests of that area, I created opportunities for people of different abilities to experience the outdoors and wild nature, through designing trails and recreation facilities. I have created this website where I hope to share my passion for the natural environment as well as my work experience as a Landscape Architect and certified Planner. It is organized in four categories:

40 Ideas where you will find earth-based inspiration and ideas for earth-conscious living.

Backcountry where there are photographs, stories and information on outdoor adventures – for hikers, backpackers and armchair travelers.

Works – Art that is home to creative endeavors – earthwise art mostly created during time spent in the backcountry.

Works – Landscape Architecture & Planning that is home to professional endeavors – earthwise design, landscape architecture and planning.