Dead Trees of the CDT

I did a sketch a day on my two-week backpacking trip along a section of the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado, in August. The landscape was dominated by large stands of trees that had died from causes such as spruce budworm, pine bark beetle or fire. The once needley evergreens were now stark reddish-brown silhouettes of trunks and branches. I tried to illustrate the unusual beauty of their forms and color, as well as the new life growing below.

RICOH-5100339 (2)

RICOH-5100340 (2)

RICOH-5100342 (2)

We spent a night in the town of Salida, a gently built landscape that included some of nature’s wildness, as well as leafy aspen and cottonwood trees.

RICOH-5100341 (2)